Even if no one sees this, I’ll keep posting

So today started off well.  I had a healthy breakfast of coffee with 1% milk, some sugar, and oatmeal with half a banana mashed in it with cinnamon and some walnut crumbles.

Did my afternoon dog walks,  then jogged three miles.  Yea me!  But then, I saw my mother had called while I was out.  Hmm . . . dilema.  I had limited time in my schedule.  I had a chiropractor’s appointment to make in an hour and I had wanted to do some weights at the gym, and I had very time left to eat before my two hour cut-off before my evening Bikram session.  I called her, thinking I’d warn her of my time limit and that’d be enough for her.  But no, that didn’t work and I ended talking through my workout time, had only two minutes to shove some hard boiled eggs down my throat, call the chiropractor to tell them I’d be late (cause I was GOING to get my weights in, damn it), and then rushed off to the gym with a stomach full of eggs.  I frantically did 15 minutes, then tried to rush off to the chiropractor, only to run over a screw in the parking lot from the roofers working on the gym roof.  My tire immediately began to go flat.  I headed to the chiropractor anyway.  When I got out of my car, the hissing was very loud, my tire was halfway flat, and I knew that when I got out of the doctor’s that I wouldn’t be going anywhere.

So I called my man to come bail me out.  Three hours later, here I am, safe at home.  But I missed my yoga class, I had to resort to eating Arby’s while we waited out of extreme hunger, and now I’m in a super bad mood about my day not going the perfect little way I had envisioned.  

I know some exercise is better than none at all, but I’m still really pissed.  I don’t have that much time left!  As of today, it’s 65 days to my wedding, and my dress fitting is in two weeks.  I almost feel like throwing my hands up and saying “F**k it.  I’m having a large pizza all by myself and having the angriest pity party ever in my bed while watching Housewives reruns.”


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