2010, Day 1

Luckily I didn’t drink last night, so I’m waking up feeling pretty good.  Ok, I’m actually really really tired cause I stayed up way too late and had to get up early-ish for a client walk.  And I would have been drinking if my Mai Tai hadn’t been too strong for me (I like ’em weak and fruity).

We got dinner at CPK last night (I’m addicted to their tortilla soup).  Even though I had my camera with me, I forgot to get any pictures.  It’s been a challenge to remember to photograph my food before I eat it!  So I had tortilla soup and some of their new steak tacos and two of their tortilla chips.  And it was all awesome.  I’m a BIG fan of CPK.  Which is weird, because I wasn’t really into their food when I worked there and got it for free.

Unless someone contacts us last minute, I don’t have any other walks until tonight!  We’re planning on a few errands and taking our own pooch on a little outing.  Maybe I’ll finally get around to trying out my new SIMS3 expansion pack!  Yes!  Now that’s an awesome way to start the new year.


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