Heath Bars Aren’t a Vegetable – Are They?

Mmm . . .  I sure do love me some heath bars!  That’s why it’s such a big deal that today I only had THREE of the minis from a new bag after dinner.  Serving size says 6, so I’d doubly proud of myself for staying under the serving size.  I was supposed to do Bikram this evening, but since I decided that weights will change my body more in the little time I have left before my wedding on March 5th than yoga will, I made my butt go to my gym.  And what a surprise I had waiting for me! I had forgotten about all the New Year’s enthusiasts that hit up gyms this time of year.  We went at 8:30pm, which normally would be D-E-A-D, but every single cardio machine was taken.  And there was this couple where the dude is all big and buff and he’s “training” his girlfriend who keeps asking what weight she should be using and he counts her reps for her.  They were on the squat machine 35 freakin’ minutes.  The squat machine is my main piece of equipment when I go to the gym, and I was steaming.  All I had wanted to do was run, and do the squat machine and some upper body stuff.  Instead, and probably for the better, I went and did every exercise I could think of, harder than I intended cause I was getting more and more irritated.  So on the one hand, thank you to that couple.  Probably did me a favor.  Once my anger reached a certain level I went over and asked them if they would be done soon.  And just like that they were!  They moved on to the machine next to me, and me being the passive-aggressive bitch that I am, I proceeded to do single leg presses with the same amount of weight the girl had been doing her regular presses with (this machine requires you to put on the weight you want to press).  LOTS of them.  It was more weight than I usually press, and at first I was scared I’d hurt my knees, but then I said screw it and just went for it.  So I’m absolutely certain my thighs and butt will be very sore tomorrow.  Just like I wanted!  Thank you annoying gym couple!!!

So – on to today’s food.  I’m proud of myself, calorie-wise.  I had Guatemalan bold roast with 1 TBS of heavy whipping cream and some sugar, plus one packet of Quaker’s peaches ‘n’ cream oatmeal.

Lunch was 4 leftover Honey BBQ Buffalo Wild Wings with celery and a bit of their blue cheese dipping sauce.  What?  You didn’t think I’d eat celery PLAIN, did you?

Then I snacked on some of Snyder of Hanover’s unsalted mini pretzels while I worked on getting out December’s invoices to our pet sitting clients.  Dinner was courtesy of Steve, and it was Barilla’s pasta plus (fusilli) with some sundried tomato alfredo sauce.

And then dessert was the aforementioned Heath mini bars (3), and 1 Hershey’s special dark kiss.  After putting our time in at the gym, I came home and had part of a banana and two more of the dark chocolate kisses.  Not too bad, for me!

Tomorrow has Bikram yoga on the schedule from 4 to 5:30pm.  And of course, dog walks in the middle of the day.  I should really post a picture of how blue the sky has been here.  Even though it’s been chilly (in the 40’s when I walk dogs), it’s still been clear and sunny for the most part.  Very different from winters in Cleveland!


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