Japanese Ham Sandwich

That’s one of those weird  Bikram sayings in the title there.  I made it to my 4pm class today!  After the weights yesterday, I definitely needed a good all over stretching.  On tap tomorrow is a 12pm class, since I don’t have any dogs to walk in the middle of the day.  I *may* even do a strength training class at my gym at 6:15pm if I have the energy.

I managed to get a picture of how blue the skies have been here while I was out walking one of my dog clients this afternoon.

Isn’t that uplifting?  I love getting to be outside everyday, even when it’s cold and raining.  Experiencing the weather firsthand really makes me feel connected.

My eating today would’ve not been too shabby, had I not kept eating Twizzlers one at a time from the 1lb bag we have sitting on the kitchen counter.  Time to put those babies in the pantry.  If I can’t see them, I don’t crave them.

Breakfast was baby carrots and garlic hummus (and Twizzlers), followed by a snack of some unsalted mini pretzels.  Lunch was a bowl of oatmeal with 1TBS butter and 1TBS brown sugar, along with a mini whole wheat bagel with cream cheese and some lox (and Twizzlers).  Then after yoga I came home and had more pretzels, more carrots with hummus, half of a Harry and David pear with some extra sharp cheddar cheese, and 2 Hershey’s special dark nuggets with almonds (and Twizzlers – dammit!).

In anticipation of our honeymoon trip to Paris and all the amazing things I plan on eating, I looked up menus to French restaurants in Paris online and made myself feel vaguely hungry all evening.  Seriously, I am SO excited for out trip, and I keep listing to Steve all the things I plan on eating:  warm buttery croissants, chocolates from Vosages, chocolate croissants, Bearnaise sauce on everything, pomme frittes, crepes, real baguettes and croque monsieurs, CHEESE – basically my list goes on and on.  AND I heard their milk and butter is way better than here in America, I think because of the fat content and pasteurization laws?


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