Now I’m Done

My dishwasher isn’t broken – yea!!!  Turns out, it was opened the last time it ran before the drying cycle had completed, and it needs to be in the START position before the soap dispenser will lock.  So crisis  (me having to wash dishes by hand)) averted.

I’m still not very good at this remembering to take pictures of my food thing.  I had coffee (organic Guatemalan bold roast) with heavy whipping cream and sugar, followed an hour later by scrambled eggs with a dash of Westsoy low-fat vanilla and a Kraft single melted on top.  Then it was Bikram yoga time.  I think part of the reason I’ve been so wiped out is that I only take a few sips of my generic Gatorade after class, and finish the rest of my hydration with water.  I finally looked at the serving size, and it’s eight ounces, not two.  Today I drank the whole eight ounces and while I felt better following the class than I normally do, I did pass out this evening for a three hour nap.  I probably would have kept sleeping right through the night if Steve hadn’t come to check on me.

Um, I also had two Chalupa supremes after class, but let’s gloss over that, shall we?

Dinner was Progresso classic chicken noodle soup with part of one of those  Harry and David pears I love.  Gotta have cheese with those pear slices – extra sharp, baby!

Tomorrow is late registration for me.  I’m praying they have added more sections and have openings in the classes I need!  It’s my last semester, and I currently am only signed up for 7 of the 18 credit hours I need to graduate in May.  Tomorrow is also when I get to see if the undergarment option I came up with will work with my wedding dress.  So I guess tomorrow is kind of a pivotal day for me!


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