My Sushi Has a First Name

Steve and I decided to skip core class in favor of going out for sushi.  Our favorite place here in Austin for sushi is Kenobi.  While there we realized we haven’t gone to a restaurant for sushi in over FOUR months!  We’ve definitely cut down on the going out to eat since I started in July trying to shape up for our wedding.  Here’s some pics from the restaurant:

To start: Rib eye maki – this will become a regular thing I order.  It was rib eye wrapped around sweet potatoes and avocado and cooked to medium with teriyaki glaze.

Then we split two rolls.  Here’s the seven and a half, with spicy tuna, salmon, yellowtail, avocado, unagi sauce, spicy pepper paste, and jalapeño mayo, served tempura.

The Don #2 is what I always order.  It’s crab, whitefish, avocado, baked with masago sauce and served with ponzu (whatever that is!).

Here’s our spread:

They have these neat flower looking lights I really like


I can’t remember what our dessert was called, but it was little tiny balls (about the size of a golf ball) of ice cream in rice gummy-ness.  All of the flavors tasted exactly like their descriptions.  From left there was dark chocolate strawberry, dark chocolate eggnog, mango, and pumpkin.  My two top favorites were the pumpkin (which tasted  like pumpkin pie) and the dark chocolate eggnog.

Whose that handsome couple?


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