Not Graduating in May . . .

Yup, you read that correctly.  Because Texas State can’t override me into the classes I need to graduate in May, I’m going to have to take at least 2 classes this summer.  On the one hand, I was going to be taking about 21 hours if they had gotten me into those classes.  21 hours, plus wedding and honeymoon planning, plus working out, plus managing the pet sitting business would’ve probably been waaaaayy too much.  But I still was really looking forward to participating in the big graduation ceremony in May, and finally being DONE.  *pout pout pout*

Now I’m off to get my dog walks done in time for my meeting at the bridal store to see if the undergarment I picked out will work with my dress.  Then, hopefully I’ll feel energetic enough to do some HIIT and a bit of weights at my gym.  Tonight, Steve and I have a core class at Rogue Running, so I don’t wanna push it too hard.

Thinking of better things . . . .

57 days til the wedding, and 59 til PARIS!!!


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