A Snackaholic

Yep, that’s me.  Addicted to always having a little somethin’ somethin’ before my next somethin’ somethin’.  I love eating, and I fool myself into believing I’m spreading the calories around by having a little here, a little there.  Because inevitable, I always cave and have something BIG.  Breakfast is usually good, then the snacking begins.  Lunch usually still isn’t too bad, but then about an hour after lunch I get into that borderline area of leaving myself with very little calories for what is usually my biggest meal, dinner.  I’d say about a third of calories are consumed after 6pm.  I’ve come up with low-cal snacking options, I’ve tried having larger breakfasts and lunch.  It’s more about the amount of time I go without the actual act of eating something.  Gum has proven helpful, but I don’t want to chew 5 pieces of gum everyday.  So what to do?  For now, I’m trying to counteract the extra calories with lots of exercise.  That’s how I used to deal with it when I was at my most fit point.  But truthfully, I need to be snacking smarter – healthier. It’s a daily struggle, my ongoing inner battle.  I’m open to all suggestions of low-cal, tasty, pre-packaged snacks.  Stuff I can buy, since I’m not really into food prep!


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