Shake N Bake

Been a bit absentee this weekend, but that’s because I was super busy getting wedding stuff done (and doing the dog biz thing.  That’s me bundled up for weekend dog walks).  I LOVE crossing things off a to-do list, and I make lots of them.  There’s lists for the business, list for weight-loss, lists for projects around our home, errand lists, lists for school, and now lists for the wedding!  So it’s good to know the wedding planning is moving along and it’s not going to end up being just a really expensive afternoon (this was a legitimate fear because until yesterday we didn’t have anyone to marry us!).

Moving on to the food . . .  I’m still not very good about taking pictures.  In fact, just about the only times I take pictures of my food is because Steve reminds me to photograph it!  We had some yummy pizza this weekend from my new favorite pizza place, Austin Pizza.  We were going to try their gluten-free crust, until we saw it can only be done for the personal size, and costs $5 extra (50% of the original cost).  I’m not officially a celiac, I just know I get sick when I eat bread-type things.  Oh well!  Love me some pizza anyway.  That was Friday night.  Even though we have a pizza stone, we needed something quicker.    That’s the only restaurant food we got this weekend (yeah!).  I even resisted when we met the officiant at Starbucks, and we even have Starbucks gift cards.  I just don’t need the calories!

I got an app for my iphone over the weekend, called Lose It!.  It’s free, and it helps you see your calorie deficit for the day.  You decide how much weight you want to lose each week, and it tells you how many net calories you should consume each day to reach that goal.  It tracks your food and your calories and keeps a running total.  Sparkpeople tracks each of those too, but it doesn’t put them together to tell you your net.  It’s also  not as easy to use for tracking as sparkpeople, but I like that net calorie feature.  I’m currently using both.

We’re coming out of the chill that’s been over Austin for about a week now.  If it would just get a little warmer, then I could go back to running outside.  With my asthma, I really don’t like to run in temps lower than 50, or when it’s windy.  And the treadmill is so boring!  I have to play mind games with myself just to keep going, or I visualize that I’m outside.  If you see me staring straight ahead at nothing, but it seems like I’m looking at something and you can’t figure out what, I’m visualizing myself running outside.

Tonight Steve and I are trying a plyometric class offered at our gym.  I’ve never taken a class focused on that, and it lasts an hour.  Hope it’s not too impossibly hard, I’m really not in the mood to be embarrassing myself!

Breakfast today was a banana, 3 turkey sausage links, an Activia yogurt with fiber added, and (not pictured) two sliced of Sara lee low-cal wheat bread with butter and blackberry jam.  Lunch? Coffee, pretzels, and three mini Heath bars.  Dinner was sweet baby greens with carrots and ham, with a side of steamed broccoli with a slice of  kraft american melted on top.  When we got back from the gym I had some 1% milk with Nestle Quik (I hear chocolate milk is one of the best things to have after a workout).


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