The Final Countdown

50 days until my wedding!  Still a ton of things to do (and make final payments on), but we’re moving along and I’m confident everything will be done on time.

My classes start up again on Tuesday. *sniff sniff* I have to make the drive from NW Austin to San Marcos FOUR days a week!  I really don’t know how I’m going to fit in healthy eating, wedding planning, managing the business, studying, AND working out, but somehow it all has to be done.  While I was on break I planned my workouts a week ahead of time, putting them on my iPhone calendar, my Google calendar, and on my spark people page, so I could see at a glance, wherever I was, what I had coming up.  I’m just going to have to schedule the workouts, which will have to now predominantly be in the morning – and I don’t like working out in the AM but for these next 50 days I’m gonna have to grin and bear it!

I found my perfect pair of brown leather riding boots for Paris!

They’re Cole Hann with Nike Air technology, rubber soles, and have inside zippers for easy on and off.  Love them so much, I bought them last night and already wore them out.

Today I woke up s-t-a-r-v-i-n-g, so cereal was my fast answer for that.  Kashi Go Lean crunch, almond vanilla flax flavor, along with the usual cup of coffee.  Still on the fall spice flavor.

Lunch was a new recipe for me, from  Her protein pancakes are very tasty, and very filling.  I highly recommend them.  The recipe is on her website.  I spread a thin layer of  pumpkin flavored cream cheese on the two pancakes that I got out of the recipe.

And for dinner, leftover tostada pizza from California Pizza Kitchen (this was Steve’s Wednesday night dinner, I had my current obsession – their tortilla soup!).  We got CPK on Wednesday at the mall location before heading over to Nordstrom.

Then a late night snack before heading over for the last 40 minutes at the gym:

These are extremely tasty and satisfying.  Good thing, cause we bought them at Costco, which means we’d have a lot of nasty bars if we didn’t like them.  We’ve done this before with raisins, 100-calorie pack snacks, and a few other things, but that’s all I can think of right now.  Time to go get a few miles in on the treadmill before the gym closes!


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