I Fel Pretty, Oh So Pretty

On the agenda for this weekend:

– go shopping for wedding bands

– get an oil change

-buy a gift for a baby shower I’m attending

– go to said baby shower

– gym/jog on Saturday, and Bikram on Sunday

– pick my youngest sister up from the airport and take her back to her dorm in San Marcos

– a new client interview

– laundry

– clean the bathrooms

– other random things that need to get done before I go back to classes

I tried out Lara bars today, the apple pie flavor (yum) and the cashew cookie flavor (eh, I didn’t finish the bar).  Do they really only have, like, two ingredients in them?!?  The box we bought at Costco has those two flavors, and also cherry pie.  Now I want to try the other flavors I’ve heard of, like key lime pie and coconut cream.

Breakfast was pretty big today.  Kellogg’s Special K fruit and yogurt flavor, 2 protein pancakes from http://www.heathereatsalmondbutter.com with some pumpkin cream cheese spread on them, and cantalope.  Then a packet of Quaker instant oatmeal before going to see my wedding dress that had arrived, and Sonic mozzarella sticks and low-cal cherry limeade before it was yoga time.  After yoga, I was certain to drink the full serving of Gatorade I had brought with me, then had Progresso Chicken Noodle soup for dinner with 1.5 Lara bars.  My after-dinner snacking consisted of 3 unfrosted strawberry muffins and some pretzels.

I felt so much better after my yoga having had the Gatorade.  Thinking Gatorade was just fancy sugar water, I used to only have one or two sips after class to clear the sweat taste from my mouth, and then I would switch to all water to rehydrate.  And I was getting soooooo tired within an hour of finishing class.  The kind of extreme fatigue that would extend into the next day.  I finally brought this up to Steve, and he asked how much of the Gatorade I was drinking.  Bingo.  So this time, I felt like myself an hour after class, when normally my energy would be crashing.  I’ll be drinking the full eight ounces from now on!

Today was not only the day my wedding dress arrived, but it was also my first time wearing those short shorts that so many of the girls wear to Bikram.  And I felt fine!  I thought I would look so bad, and be so self conscious, and that wasn’t the case at all.  In fact, it made the poses a lot easier to do because there wasn’t any material restricting my thighs when I had to get in squat position, like for awkward pose and tree pose.  Before class I hit up the Academy near me and bought a whole slew of workout gear.  I went in there intending to buy just a sports bra (rather than do laundry), but then a pair of shorts on the sale rack caught my eye (they were only $2.88!!!), and then the beast was unleashed and I started grabbing things to buy without even trying them on.  Two pairs of shorts, a sports bra, and 7 sweat wicking tops later, I got home just in time to pack up my yoga bag and jet off to class.

48 days until my wedding, and 50 until Paris!


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