Honey, I’m Home (almost)

Well, not yet.  But the house search is going really really well!  I honestly can’t believe the amazing homes we’ve found in our price range; such large square footage, very close to Steve’s work, turn-key ready.  Seems almost unfair, given that our “starter house” will be better than any house either of my parents have ever lived in.  What we’re sacrificing though, is location.  To get such a great price per square foot, and to get a large modern home, we’ve stuck to looking in the northern edge of Austin.  The closer you get to downtown, the more expensive and the more updating that needs to be done.  So we’ll still be about the same distance from downtown as we’ve been the past three years, but we’ll have a great house we can be proud of right off the bat.

The next step is to get a pre-approval letter from our broker, and we’re meeting with her tomorrow over lunch to get that done.  Yeah!  We plan on being moved into our home by the end of April.

As of today it’s 24 days until our wedding.  The final payments for vendors are stacking up FAST.  There’s still a list of about ten things that HAVE to be done by the time the wedding rolls around.  I’ve also decided I would like to even out my coloring with some tanning sessions, so I have to try and fit that into my already jam-packed schedule.  There just isn’t enough time to go around these days, but it’s all because of really great reasons!


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